Dextra can be distinguished from other environmental consultants in the following important ways:
  • Strategic approach.  Dextra takes a “big-picture” approach to work – always striving to provide both long-term and short-term benefit to our clients and their programs.   We want the value we add to be sustainable and strategically aligned with the business and compliance goals of the client’s organization.
  • Sound management skills.  Dextra has built its practice on a foundation of basic management and leadership skills – unlike many environmental consultants who focus instead on building, and consequently selling, technical expertise.
  • Focus on client needs.  Because our primary focus is on understanding client needs and working hand-in-hand with our clients to “get the job done”, we build solutions that are completely client-driven; other firms hire expertise and then design service offerings that must be sold to the client to recover staff investment.  The client’s needs are often secondary.
  • The right resources for the job.  Dextra does not limit itself to the technical expertise of its own staff.
  • Customized project delivery.  Dextra practices flexible, customizable delivery mechanisms, ranging from side-by-side collaboration with client staff to full or partial program outsourcing where it represents the best client solution.
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