Outsourcing is the procurement of external services to perform a business function normally handled by internal resources due primarily to the potential for significant cost savings.  The Dextra Group is one of the few firms whose mission it is, in part, to provide true outsourcing services in the environmental arena; consequently, this has become a popular Dextra service offering.  It can be a simple "extension-to-staff" arrangement to handle regular workload peaks, e.g., managing the remediation of one or more contaminated sites or serving as a member of an internal audit team.  Or, it can be the complete outsourcing of a program component or entire program, e.g., serving as the environmental manager for a facility.
For example, Dextra professionals have taken on such functions as:
  • Environmental regulatory compliance
  • Remediation project management
  • ISO program development/maintenance
  • Training
  • Leading initiatives
  • Business planning
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