Dextra’s business model is centered in the business and environmental needs of our targeted clients, with everything else stripped away.  Consequently, we have recognized the need to streamline our organization, to work with each client to identify the appropriate project delivery mechanism, to consistently identify and apply the right resources to the project at-hand and, finally, to rigorously drive projects to successful completion.

Our approach to project delivery is based on our respect for the discipline of project management. We know that when a project's outcome falls short of the client's expectations, it is typically not because of any technical shortcoming. Instead, a project fails because one or more factors critical to successful project management has been neglected or ignored. Although Dextra project managers are seasoned and credentialed engineers and scientists., they are attentive to these critical success factors to ensure an outcome that meets or exceeds our client's expectations. It is a strategic attitude and the way we go about our business. 

Our approach to project staffing is also unique.  In addition to our own lean and focused organization, we represent a network of Dextra Associates, professional resources that we make accessible to our clients through our application of project-specific teams.  Dextra identifies, prequalifies, contracts with and manages these resources as members of these project-specific teams, supplemented by our staff and often by the client’s own in-house resources.  The Dextra Associate network consists of the best resources in their fields – independent professionals and employees of large and small consulting firms or industry – with substantial experience in all areas that are related – both directly and indirectly – to the practice of environmental science and engineering. 
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